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The exciting world of modeling is just a dream to most. Nina Daniels has decided to turn that dream into reality. She is prepared to put in the blood, sweat and tears to create the transformation the modeling industry demands. She only has one thing stopping her…food. Watch the Models Diet Show every Thursday on Youtube.


Nina Daniels

Created, written and directed by

Nina Daniels is a comedian and a chronic dieter from Long Island, NY. She’s wow’d alt, mainstream, and YouTube audiences with her absorbing act featuring stand-up and musical comedy. Where most musical comedians play your standard guitar, piano, accordion, ukulele, Nina sets herself apart from the pack with her sidekick, Gerry, the cello. Nina’s recent TV credits include Shameless, Maron, and FOX’s Punchline. Nina currently hosts Nina Daniels Presents: The Playground, a monthly residency stand-up showcase that will exhibit the best talent in a uniquely curated category at the NerdMelt Showroom founded by Chris Hardwick.

Katie Merriam

Director of Photography

Raised on the mean streets of Topeka, KS, Katie learned comedy as a means of survival. A competitive swimming career helped her to see the world and places to live instead of the midwest. She earned an MFA in film production and got busy working in fields that didn’t relate to that degree at all. Finding stand-up comedy relatively late in life – she finally found a place to get that instant gratification that people sing songs about. Katie has produced several web series and sketches, as well as written short stories and pilots that no one has read. Most recently she was seen in the She Devil Comedy Festival in New York City. You can find her work on or Follow her on twitter @katability – celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay does!

Chisom Ude


The irony of studying political economy and choosing a career in comedy is not lost on ChiChi, as she is affectionately known. The Ivy League grad got her start as an intern in BET’s development department. After a brief stint in finance, she moved to LA, and now spends her day at a talent/lit management company. When she is not working full-time, ChiChi frequents the LA comedy circuit and produces projects that move her to tears [of laughter].


Christopher Cole

Sound Design

I have a deep passion for all things audio. This is an endeavor that I have pursued over many years and have expressed through various mediums. I look for opportunities to provide my expertise to works which call for excellent sound. An experienced technician with a demonstrated history of working in professional recording studios, film sets, sound stages and in the consumer electronics industry. Skilled in Recording, Boom Operation, Sound Mixing, Sound Design, Software and Composition. Strong information technology professional graduated from Lifton Institute of Media Arts & Sciences.


Darryl Sharp Jr.

Motion Graphics Artist

Darryl Sharp is a Virginia-raised, Los Angeles based designer and animator who thrives to impact culture visually. Past work includes work with ESPN, Funny or Die, Epic Records, Beats by Dre, Capitol Records, and The Golden Globes.




Dane Troy


Dane Troy hails from Atlanta, Georgia. In 2013, he earned a BA in Theatre from the University of Georgia. Dane spent 2 years immersing himself in Atlanta theatre and was fortunate to work with the Alliance Theatre, Aurora Theatre, Theatrical Outifit, Horizon Theatre, & Dad’s Garage Theatre. Since moving to LA in late 2015, Dane has trained at The Groundlings, iO West & UCB. He was a member of the iO West Harold team Dorothy, late UCB Messhall teams (Bomb Pop & Dino Mite). He’s the founder of LA’s premiere indie improv team Arcade Currency. In San Francisco, Dane has worked on live productions at Killing My Lobster Theatre & Marin Theatre Company. In LA, he was worked on live productions at Second City Hollywood, Miracle Theatre & every improv stage in the city! Most recently, he was a cast member/writer in the 2018 CBS Diversity Showcase. Dane loves the opportunity to work on captivating and impactful pieces, but also cut loose & be silly in comedy projects too. Let’s create together. Much Love.

Mike Lester

Is a mixture of Rainn Wilson and Paul Dano with none of the credits.

Mary Elaine Ramsey

From Boston, MA and on cheat days she eats lemons.

Katie Roberts

Is a New York trained actress and talented writer based in Los Angeles. She is known for her recurring roles on NCIS, The Mob Doctor and A Gifted Man.

Zach Stein

Is a comedian and actor in Los Angeles, CA

Heather Thomson

Stand up comedian, actor and adorable performer in Los Angeles.


David Wright


Musician, producer, and rascal.

Vincent Cabagnot


Lives and breathes music, he’s a self proclaimed guitar geek who continues to perform in many different bands and genres all the way from Brooklyn to L.A.

Models Diet Song by Nina Daniels
Nina Daniels – Composer (Lyrics, Music)
David Wright – Producer
Vincent Cabagnot  – Composer (Music)